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Marvelous Michele Lee


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Fan Chat May 24 1998

May 24th 1998

Michelle Lee, May 24, 1999

    Lee: Hi everybody, happy to be here. Shoot!

    m_i_c_1: Whose idea was it to start your fan club, and who runs
    Also, why isn't it more active?

    Lee: Bobby Pierosh runs the fan club. And he's run the fan club
    many, many years. He was just a fan as many of you out there are
    contacted me and had such passion I said go ahead. The fan club
info is:
    Michelle Lee Fan Club, Bobby Pierosh President, 114 Magnolia
    Levittown, PA 19054. And he says to send a self-addressed, stamped
    envelope to join. Internet to come.

    Hugs_and_Giggles23: Can you tell me a bit about your new movie?

    Lee: A woman finds out that her husband has been arrested for a
    that took place 27 years before. It is loosely based on a true
story, and
    through the course of this mystery she tries to find the truth and
    evidence keeps showing him guilty. You have to stay tuned to find
    what really happened.

    m_i_c_1: What kind of charity activities did you do for Bnei
    Anti-Defamation League?

    Lee: I have been honored by those organizations in the past, and
    Anti-Defamation League, and hopefully in the future we will all be
able to
    look at each other as people and smile and accept people for who
    what we are. Maybe there would be less violence in our society.

    Sugar_Cane_888: What is your favorite part of being an actress?

    Lee: I get to meet many interesting people who share creative
    Also the ability to play fascinating characters. And sometimes
    these characters are biographical they really educate you.

    m_i_c_1: I know it sounds kind of silly, but do you have any idea
    they called Knots Landing the way they did (i.e. what's the
meaning of
    the name)?

    Lee: Yes I do. It was originally to be called Couples. And David
    the creator, was turned down by the network with that title. He
    thought, OK, let me think of a place that sounds like California,
so he
    thought of the marina and of the ocean and got very nautical.
    Knot's and Knot's Landing where you would perhaps dock your boat.

    KO_RD1: How did you like working on the movie?

    Lee: Oh yes, it was a movie that I wore one hat, the hat of the
actress, I
    was for hire. And because I produce so many of my movies, it was
like a
    vacation! I also LOVED working with Peter Coyote, who played my
    husband in the film, he's a real man's man. And ladies seem to
like him

    m_i_c_1: Are you going to publish some more CDs soon? You have an
    amazing singing voice!

    Lee: That's so sweet! I guess you're talking about the CD from Big
    Dreams and Broken Hearts - The Dottie West Story, the movie I did
    CBS a few years ago. I thank you. Those people who wish to get
    CD, check it out at
Hopefully I
    will be able to sing soon again.

    bryanmmm: Have you done any stage acting?

    Lee: Yes. I started on the stage and I did the musical on
Broadway, How
    To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. And a show called
    SeeSaw, which was Tommy Tune's first Broadway show.

    bryanmmm: Do you like murder mysteries?

    Lee: Love them. And this one is a good one, it's a real whodunnit.
    guess throughout the movie with all its twists and turns whether
he is
    guilty or not guilty. And of course, the answer is found when a
secret is

    m_i_c_1: Where can one find the lyrics to your song (I've been
trying to
    figure out I didn't come to NY's -- you'd be unhappy if... ?"

    Lee: The song - first of all it was on Columbia Records - and it
    called I Didn't Come To New York To Find A Guy From My Hometown.
    And I don't know where to find the lyrics to tell the truth. It
might have
    been written by a writer named Billy Mescel or Mescell, if that

    m_i_c_1: What's your son David doing in life now? Acting /
    Psychology? Is he still dating Leah Worrick?

    Lee: My son walked in while we were talking! My son is acting
again, he
    is very exciting, and he is still going with Leah Rowan. And thank
you for
    asking. David says hello to everybody out there - my handsome,
    gorgeous, talented, tall son!

    gangrl: Did you like working with Joan Van Ark?

    Lee: Yes, actually I saw Joan and Donna Mills a couple of nights
ago. I
    really did love working with Joan, we giggled a lot.

manolis_varnassinger: From all these 14 years in Knots Landing,
    what do you remember most from that show?

    Lee: That's a difficult question. I take away the friendships,
which are
    kind of blurred in some respects because my friendships with these
    actors are almost friendships with the characters themselves. So I
    that away with me. Also my character Karen was so much fun and she
    was so relateable. As a matter of fact the movie tomorrow night on
    is the first character I've played in I don't know how long, it's
the closest to
    Karen I've gotten.

    doulasue: I really enjoyed you in The Comic years ago. Do you have
    any great memories from working with Dick Van Dyke?

    Lee: He's very special, I worked with him many times. Not just on
    movie The Comic, which was a very difficult role for him because
it was
    so not his persona. I also did several specials with him. He's a
    no-nonsense man with an incredible work ethic and a very gentle
    You never feel you know enough about him. He keeps a lot to
    But he makes everybody feel like they are a part of his family.

    Roxy0601: I'm a long time fan of Knots Landing. Any chance of

    Lee: We are asked all the time. It's a matter of getting all of
    schedules together at one time. Last reunion movie took a year and
a half
    before they could work it all out. I suppose one day you'll see us
    Everyone always asks for another movie.

    f_astaire: Have any of your children followed you into the

    Lee: My son is an actor, David Farentino. He's very talented. He
    many creative things. I guess it's in the blood. He studies at the
    Hills Playhouse. Milton Katselas is the teacher. He also writes.
He is very
    musical. And I'm proud of him.

    jaag_1999: How long did it take for you to do this movie?

    Lee: It took about a month and a half. And we rushed it right on
the air,
    everyone loved the movie. I do so many kinds of movie but I
haven't done
    this kind in so long, a real suspense movie. It was shot in
    Vancouver. And it was really quite beautiful as well as enjoying
    production. Mainly because the script was good and my leading man
    was better! LOL!

    f_astaire: I watched every single episode of Knot's. I miss the
    cast age & story lines. Why do you think there is simply nothing
like it on
    TV now? Only shows geared to very young people!

    Lee: Interesting. I guess things go through phases. And if a show
    successful and if it's aimed towards a certain group, networks and
    studios try to do more of the same. Until that wears then and then
    start to move into other arenas. I have been fortunate in that I
    retained my loyal Knot's Landing fans. And I do one movie after
    So it's almost like doing a series - not quite!

    m_i_c_1: Do you have any pets?

    Lee: I have a cat. His name is Kit Ten.

    NightAngel_99: Do you like it in Canada?

    Lee: Very beautiful architecturally, and I really love Canadians.
We had
    a very talented crew. And I've been thinking of buying a condo
there, I
    like it so much.

    f_astaire: Do you like doing movies or TV better?

    Lee: Being that I do not do theatrical films very often, I LOVE

    Sugar_Cane_888: What channel is your movie coming on again?

    Lee: CBS. I guess it's on at 8 or 9 PM according to what side of
the world
    you're on, after the final episode this season of JAG.

    manolis_varnassinger: What was the toughest scene you had to play
    in your new movie?

    Lee: Well there is a scene I love where she catches her husband in
a lie,
    and when she confronts him he won't speak to her. He just doesn't
    up any information. And finally she says, did you kill that man?
And he
    takes a very, very long beat and slowly looks up to her and
doesn't say
    anything. CUT! Print!

    Bjooz: What work are you currently doing?

    Lee: Well I have in my production company right now a few
    movies that are different stages of development and I will let
    know when something pops. Let me say this. By the way, the
    address for the Dottie West soundtrack or video: Hey Jack
    10850 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 600, LA, CA 90024

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